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Locations: London, Herts, Essex, Loughton, Harlow, Barking, Ilford, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Chingford

We have a recycling policy

We are committed to a policy of recycling as much waste material as possible


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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our annual assessment under ISO 9001, Safe Contractor and Exor ensures that our policies are reviewed and externally assessed. As members of the NCCA we also have to provide proof of insurance to a third party. Each employee is provided with a booklet that outlines all our main policies and is orally informed of all policies plus methods of working, COSHH information and our individual site Risk Assessment is also carried out.

General Statement

As a provider of various cleaning services, M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd recognises the need to interact with all clients, our staff, suppliers, plus the wider community. lt is therefore crucial that we behave in a socially responsible manner, understanding social and environmental concerns and operate in a way that adds value.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy covers:

• Employees

• Community

• Equal Opportunities

• Health & Safety

• Environment

• Waste

• Energy


At M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd, we acknowledge that the foundation of our success is our employees. We have a higher than average, retention rate within our industry due to our approach to managing our staff.

Each member of staff has access to a structured training programme based on their individual requirements and aspirations. We encourage development and training primarily within the cleaning industry and also in other areas, which will allow an employee to gain education and develop potential or life skills.


We are aware that we have a responsibility to contribute to the local community and have contributed to The Scouts, Rotary lnternational and local church and have provided materials free of charge to a cancer charity client.

Equal Opportunities

M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd is committed to equal opportunities in both our employment practices and our services to clients. We believe that equal opportunities practice promotes an efficient organisation and effective service delivery. M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd aims to ensure that no potential or actual employee receives more or less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religious beliefs. We are committed to employee training and development and will support employees seeking to develop professional skills relevant to the needs of M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd and our clients, subject to available resources. We aim to ensure a consistently high quality of work by our employees.

Please refer to our equal opportunities policy with Appendix ‘A’ covering Race Relations Act 2000; Appendix ‘B’ Employment Equality (Age); Appendix ‘C’ Employment Equality (Religion or Belief); Appendix ‘D’ Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation).

Health and Safety

M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd operate an occupational Health and Safety System and are accredited with ISO 9001:2008, Safe Contractor and Exor Gold, ensuring that we identify and manage risk and consult with our employees on any issues which may affect their health and safety. We are committed to looking after the health and safety of all employees, clients and visitors. lt is our policy to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for everyone and to provide such information, training and supervision needed for this purpose. Everyone has a duty of care to each other and is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment.


Our objectives are to ensure provision of services that consistently meet (if not exceed) customer requirements and expectations, reduce the risk of pollution arising through our processes and commit to recycling material and using recycled materials wherever possible. To assist in achieving this objective we utilise a quality management system consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which is continually monitored and reviewed for its applicability and effectiveness through a programme of internal auditing and management review. Please refer to our Environmental Policy.


M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd attempt to reduce the creation of waste by the adoption of waste-saving initiatives, such as; accepting, submitting and receiving tenders in electronic format and producing electronic invoices wherever possible. When we do produce waste, we ensure we recycle. Materials we recycle include; paper, cartridges, plastics, cans and glass.


M & K Cleaning Services (London) Ltd are aware of the importance of efficient and cost-effective energy solutions to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Therefore we are always striving to reduce our energy usage. We ensure all monitors are flat screen, instead of CRT and print only if necessary. All equipment is switched off when not in use to save energy. Part of our office lighting is movement activated ensuring lights are not left on when not in use. Our fridges are A-Rated and thus emit less CFC’s. All staff are encouraged to save energy wherever possible including in the use of vehicle miles. Please see our Environmental Policy.

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